A day in the life of…. a Content Lead.

Charles, a VentureWeb Associate based in South Africa, tells us all about being a Content Lead for a global services firm. Always fancied a role working with marketing content? Check out our global jobs here.
  1. What is it that you do, in a nutshell?
    I’m a Europe and APAC Health Content Lead for a global professional services firm—this means I manage the creation of all marketing content for my client’s healthcare business in those regions.
  2. How do you get your day started? What do mornings look like for you?
    I usually go to gym, and then bring my daughter with me to my office between 8:00 and 9:00am (she’s studying through the University of South Africa). To start my work day, I make a great cup of coffee with the Nespresso machine VentureWeb kindly gifted me at the end of 2017.
  3. What does your workspace look like/consist of?
    The closest client site is 80km away from me, and their closest office is 500km away. As a contractor in a remote location, I wanted a workspace that keeps my home and work life separate. I’ve rented a small granny flat with a pretty garden (much cheaper than shared office space would be) where I can work in peace, and also on the philosophy I’m studying part-time.
  4. How do you manage to stay motivated in your work day, given that you work remotely with no face time with your teammates & stakeholders?
    This has a lot to do with developing good habits—I use personal to-do lists and a progress spreadsheet for all my tasks. I also make sure I spend part of my day doing a bit of reading, philosophy or playing music, which I take quite seriously.
  5. What would you say consistently takes up the most time in your work day?
    Writing—it’s my core skill (I am originally a journalist) and much of the content I manage I generate myself.
  6. Does this work suit your life? If so, why – what do you enjoy the most?
    It suits me very well. I am independent-minded and self-motivated, and don’t enjoy being micromanaged. I prefer to be given a plan, broken down into tasks with deliverable outcomes or outputs, the necessary resources, and a deadline. It sounds comfortable but it’s not for everyone—if you lack self-discipline or self-motivation, then this kind of work may not be for you. Personally, I enjoy the freedom to manage myself and the flexibility to maintain work/life balance.

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Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. from Pexels

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