A day in the life of…. a Global Social Business Lead.

Ever wish you could work successfully for an award-winning global company from the comfort of your home? Read on to be inspired by VentureWeb associate Lee, a working mom and Global Social Business lead based in South Africa, who proves with the right focus and determination, you can.
  1. What is it that you do, in a nutshell?
    I’m a Social Business contractor with a focus on building brands through people on social (employee advocacy, thought leadership and social marketing upskilling). In my current role, within a global marketing team, my focus is on building our business and marketing employees into a powerful marketing channel. From zooming out on strategy, to zooming in on training, coaching and program management—I love working in an innovative space with a smart and exciting high-performance team.
  2. How do you get your day started? What do mornings look like for you?
    My mornings start with a school run, then I share a coffee and chat with my husband before doing some walking and meditation. Starting slightly later in the morning allows me to have a more relaxed beginning to the day. My work day begins with opening Skype to show I am online, then I make sure to block an hour off to stay on top of any urgent and current business—working through new emails, checking social media, reading Quartz, and supporting my immediate and wider team on any new priority asks. Morning calls scheduled are often training sessions in Singapore or Australia. It’s as easy as popping on my headphones, clicking to join the Skype call and then we’re chatting, sharing screens and getting good work done!
  3. What does your workspace look like/consist of?
    I have a beautiful office on the second floor of our home—a home away from home! It has dark wooden floors and beamed ceilings; a three-meter-long wooden desk filled with books, papers, ornaments and scissors I like to collect; an aircon and water cooler (my favorite part of the office in our hot African summers); a lounging area for client meetings; bathroom; and patio which overlooks the garden. It’s a private haven!
  4. How do you manage to stay motivated in your work day, given that you work remotely with no face time with your teammates & stakeholders?
    I think it’s a question one would be mostly concerned about if they didn’t have experience within a remote working team. All the remote workers I know are proactive, motivated and highly driven members of a productive team, and have no time for the luxury of not being motivated. The biggest challenge is not keeping them motivated, but getting them to log off at the end of the day (it’s hard to leave the office when it’s so easy to take work to the sofa after hours!). With a full list of priorities, lots of meetings to attend across multiple time zones, and ongoing projects and programs—you’re always busy and must stay super-focused!
  5. What would you say consistently takes up the most time in your work day?
    At least fifty percent of my day is spent in meetings, working sessions with my team, or in training sessions (I have trained both business executives one on one and marketers to support business; over 150 individuals across more than 15 countries) all conducted on Skype for Business. Even though we instant message one another constantly, email still plays a big part in our communications, making up a large part of my day. As holders of the social vision, mission, strategy and execution rollout, I need to be responsive and set time aside to support our wider team, who in turn supports our global teams. The rest of my hours are spent on a variety of tasks—from creative creation (upskilling content and presentations to sell ideas forward) to project and program creation or management (we are always evolving, nothing ever stands still)—to creating monthly reports and communications. No day is ever the same, and we’re never bored—we’re always on the go driving marketing innovation!
  6. Does this work suit your life? If so, why – what do you enjoy the most?
    With VentureWeb I have the working life I always dreamed of. I work from home during the times that suit me best. I’ve even created more time in my day by saying goodbye to hours wasted in traffic and getting ready in the mornings; and I’ve reduced stress by being able to balance work and family life. I love having small moments with my family, like those important daily ‘quick connects’ when the girls come home from school. Never have I been more productive in my career—no wasted time walking from meeting to meeting, they can take place back to back; no wasted time lingering at the water cooler—we connect and get to know one another by building in a chat at the start of our calls. Project plans, systems, tools—we’ve worked out how to do our most efficient and impactful work. I couldn’t work any other way and love being a remote worker.

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Photo by Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

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