A day in the life of…. a Graphic Designer.

Pradeep is a senior graphic designer with VentureWeb who is passionate about design and the power of visual communication. His favorite hobby? To see “what’s possible” within the given constraints. Learn more about Pradeep and what fuels his insatiable desire to explore creative opportunities.
  1. Hi Pradeep! Please give us a brief snapshot of your evolution as a designer?
    I wanted to be a programmer and I initially got my start as an XML programmer! Within 10 months however, I was moved to graphic design due to organizational priorities. Since then I have never looked back and remained with design. I love working in a global environment, particularly with marketing teams and the opportunity for a creative experience that gives me exposure to a brand’s core values and the story they are trying to convey.
  2. What excites you the most when it comes to what you do as a designer?
    The most exciting part is designing marketing collateral — particularly e-brochures, banners or e-books. I get to learn and explore new aspects about design while enjoying creative freedom. I enjoy pushing the boundaries within parametres because I find this is more of a challenge that just ‘thinking outside the box’ constantly! This process really stretches my imagination and I simply love that!
  3. How does a day in your life look like?
    We don’t really have a planned day. Yes, we’ve got a clear picture of what’s to be achieved in a given day, however sticking to the plan seldom happens as we live in a dynamic environment and sometimes other priorities come up. Most of the time upon logging in, we have multiple email requests waiting to be actioned. This can dictate our day and makes each day different from the next! The rest of the day, we get going on our exciting projects, with a single-minded focus to deliver with the highest quality within the assigned time frame.
  4. If you were to deconstruct your day into segments of time, how would that look?Oh, it’s pretty straightforward.10am: Login and deal with urgent mail. Go through the tasks from the previous day (or week, if it’s a Monday). Plan for the day. Reallocate the tasks to my team members.11am to 5pm: Begin working through the pipeline. Review work that’s been done. QA. Connect with stakeholders, colleagues or senior members of the team at large.6pm to 7:30pm: Deliver drafts to stakeholders. Work through the ones for which we’ve received feedback or further inputs on. More QA! Review approved drafts from the stakeholders, suggest changes and ask team members to continue working on the returned drafts.

    9 to 10:30pm: Continue from above and assess the changes to be made. If there are minor changes, make them and deliver them right away. In case of a crunch (deadlines!), we try to deliver it right away! If there isn’t a time crunch or major changes we deliver the project first thing the next morning.

  5. How does your morning look like when things are blowing up?
    A typical bad day would start with a bunch of pending changes from the previous day and then logging in to find out a lot of new, just as urgent, requests need to be delivered on the same day! We distribute and allocate the work among ourselves and try to get the maximum done in the given timeline. At times, that may require the whole team to pitch in together to deliver the final output.
  6. What goes in your mind when something blows up?
    My default stance, as I said before, is to explore the possibilities within given constraints. I think of ways that can help us achieve the seemingly insurmountable task(s) ahead of us. We always try to leverage our global team members for the best result possible.
  7. How has all this experience added value to you as a design professional?
    Handling many time sensitive projects have made me more resilient and tough enough to handle anything that’s thrown at me. My experience with working with deadlines has literally quadrupled my capability to manage ordinary tasks. I have learned to optimize on time and resources, while maximizing the quality of output. With each project I learn something new which is so great for a designer. The best part of working for VentureWeb is our friendly and flexible environment that helps me achieve all that I can. It’s a safe place to be creative, experiment, learn, get feedback and build great relationships across the world. I just love to work here and be part of the team!

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Photo by Raw Pixel on Unsplash

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