A day in the life of… a Website Management Lead

Amanda, a valued, treasured VentureWeb marketing Associate and Careers Site Management Lead, tells us what a day in her world looks like. Why working flexibly and remotely is essential to her home and farm life, and allows Amanda the ability to be flexible with global business time-zones.
  1. What is it that you do, in a nutshell?
    I am the Careers Site Management Lead for a global management consulting and professional services firm that provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services. With a team of 11 Site Managers and Developers we make sure that the 65 Careers web sites are updated and maintained.
  2. How do you get your day started? What do mornings look like for you?
    I live on a farm, so my day starts very early. Even though I always make a point of getting dressed properly with my hair done, I draw the line at make-up!Normally I switch on my laptop at around 7:30am, no later than 8:00am. Most of my team members are in the Philippines, so I like to start early to be there for them should they have any questions on projects etc. First, I check my emails making sure nothing happened during the previous day in the US that needs my immediate attention. Then, as soon as my inbox has been sorted, I’ll deal with projects submitted in our team request tool, and handle anything that comes up during the day.
  3. What does your workspace look like/consist of?
    We have converted one of our bedrooms into a proper office. I have a desk with a big screen, posted notes to remember small stuff, my diary to keep track of my timesheet, water and my trusted aircon (the South African summers are too hot to be without one). There is also a second desk for my husband to do his farm work on, so I do sometimes have a “co-worker” in the office.
  4. How do you manage to stay motivated in your work day, given that you work remotely with no face time with your teammates & stakeholders?
    It’s sometimes difficult to stay motivated, but I do speak to somebody in the team daily, sometimes it feels like I speak to all of them in one day. But, that is what keeps me motivated—the fact that there are people counting on me to be there and help them if needed. Even if it is just a small thing, they know they can reach out to me anytime. One of our team members are in the US and if there is anything during the US day that she needs help with, she knows she can text me via Messenger and if I can’t help her via that, I will go online and see how I can help her there.
  5. What would you say consistently takes up the most time in your work day?
    Email—either dealing with a Content Owner wanting to push the boundaries and veer off our site standards, or site issues that need to be sorted out.
  6. Does this work suit your life? If so, why – what do you enjoy the most.
    Yes, it does suit my life. We moved a lot for my husband’s work and if I wasn’t able to work remotely, he would not have been able to pursue his career. Now that we are on the farm and he really does what makes him happy, I can enjoy seeing him and our dogs flourish. The four-legged children are another story—I love seeing them do silly things during the day, things I wouldn’t have seen if I had to work in an office. They do tend to brighten up a tough day!

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Photo by Carlos “Grury” Santos on Unsplash

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