Ladles of Love (2016)

Ladles of Love – A Cape Town based soup kitchen who feed homeless people three times a week. They will now be branching out to feed children at underprivileged schools.

“Since inception, Ladles of Love has served thousands of meals and continues to grow. In addition to hearty meals we also provide soap and water for a pre-meal wash, along with a blessing when available.

A big drive is to help homeless people leave the street. We’ve helped eight people apply for identity documents, and employed one to help prepare the food.

We are also partnering with One Million Strong to provide meals for schoolchildren, many of whom arrive at school too hungry to learn. We’ve called this project Days of Hope, and it’s part of our vision to move beyond celebrating Madiba on just one day of the year.”

VentureWeb decided to donate in a different way. We actively listened, ideated and then created a website for Ladles of Love to spread their message across the world. To check it out go to

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